Marriage retreat 2010 (Panama City)

Every year or at least every other year, my sorority sisters and I have taken a couples trip with our husbands to different locations! It’s a time for us to reflect on our marriages, build our commitments, and grow stronger in our friendships. We have a fabulous time! Last year we went skiing in North Carolina so this year we decided we would head to the beach. My wonderful line sisters made plans for us to have a renewal ceremony on the beach at sunset! It was so wonderful, and so nice! We had a great time soaking up the sun and relaxing by the beach with our hubby’s!

When we arrived we had the great beach bags compliments of Creations by Carla! Last year we had baskets! These bags were filled with all things beach (flip flops, sunscreen, etc). Each bag had our name on it! We stated at the grand Ocean Ritz with beach front views!

We road on Jet Ski’s and Moped’s! It was our first time on Jet Ski’s and it was FUN!!! I loved it. I have to admit I was so nervous when we first got on, but once we switched driver seats and I was driving, I had a need for speed! When we hit those waves and caught air, I didn’t know if i wanted to scream from excitement or fear! We road on Moped’s for 5 hours, as if we were “real” bikers! It actually made me want to get a bike!

I must say only our husband’s can make a moped look this good! They thought they were cool! I must admit my hubby (the one on the right) looks pretty darn sexy! 🙂 LOL 

After all the activities, it was time for us to renew our vows at sunset! Words can’t express how beautiful it was. My husband listed the 5 reason why he loved me, and was happy that I was his wife! 5 for the years we have been married, 4 for our 4 beautiful children, 3 for the number of marriage retreats we have been on with our wonderful friends, 2 for the 2 men I had to choose between, and the Number 1 reason ME the only person right for him! 
He then gave me a beautiful ring to signify me being the rock of the family! It was amazing!!! 
Once again we had an amazing and successful couple trip! If you haven’t been on a Marriage retreat or you and your friends have been tossing around the idea! I say do it! It is a great thing for your marriage, you really leave appreciating your marriage, your life, your family, and your friends! 

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