Fun in the Sand

Every year our local parks host a kick off to summer fun in the sand beach party! They bring in truck loads of sand and allow the kids to play in the sand and have a merry good time! I took this kids this year before we headed out to Saint Louis for my little brother’s birthday party. It was a great time! I hated that we couldn’t stay longer.

Bossy of course was so excited and so happy! She made herself comfortable and immediately started digging in the sand! 
Princess was all about business! I’m not sure exactly what she was doing but she was very serious about it!
Big brad was collecting buckets of water for princess! They actually played together and had some form of team work going on!
Of course D.j was WAAYYY to OLD to play in sand!! He sat on the bench and enjoyed playing with his brand new cell phone he got for his birthday! I thought how funny is this! He would normally be in the sand with the kids, but this time he was just tooooo cool! LOL
The kids had a great time, they had limbo, dance contest, and a sand castle building contest! Daddy wasn’t there to help us build a big castle so we stuck to the limbo and dance contest! They had a great time, and I love the fact that I live in an area that is so family friendly and offer great activities like this for the kids! Now all we need is for Summer to actually  ARRIVE!! 

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