Confirmation of my little brother

My second baby, my little brother, got confirmed Good Friday weekend! We had an interesting time watching him recite his speech on what it means to be confirmed, and then enjoying some family snap shots after! I hope to get to post his video I am having a difficult time uploading video to blogger. It was so nice to have the entire family together for his event and to see the smile on his face when we arrived at his church. We packed up and drove to Saint Louis after my D.J’s final competition to be apart of his confirmation. He had no idea we were coming, and was totally surprised when we walked through the door Sunday morning. He had both his aunts, all his nieces and nephews, his cousin, his grandmother, his sister and brother in law, and of course his parents at his confirmation. As you know being confirmed simply means becoming an official member of your church. It originated in the Catholic Church. So for us this was the first major decision he has had to make, and soon he will be an official man! It’s so funny to see him now as a little man, but to see his personality hasn’t changed much. He is little Collin in a big boy body! Anyway I was glad to be there, and share in this moment with him!!

Here we are as a family my mom, Collin, and my dad.
This is my little brother with all his nieces and nephews. He’s only 12 but he is a GREAT uncle even to his older nephew!
This is him getting his award showing he is officially confirmed and a member of his church. He is such a little man as he fixes his tie!

This was the beginning of the confirmation, him walking into the church showing off his goofy side!

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