Happy Adoption Day

Two years ago we made the decision to adopt! I had always known that I would adopt, but after having 3 children of my own, my husband wasn’t so sure that adoption was in our future anymore. However the feeling just wouldn’t go away, it was a nagging pull in my spirit. After talking to my husband about for several months we decided to make the leap and follow our dream! Our original hope was to adopt an older child closer to my son’s age, but God had a different plan. After searching and getting information on several children we were lead to a local adoption agency. We spoke with them and they told us they had an 18 month old that would be released for adoption very soon. My first thought was well I really don’t want a baby, and we had an eighteen month old ourselves. After many days of thinking and praying and many nights of tossing and turning. We decided would at least reach out and meet him! So that’s what we did! The first time we saw him we fell in love! My heart was sold! We instantly decided to pursue the adoption! He was such a sweet boy, although he cried a lot! It was an adjustment for our family, but as the days tick by he is slowly being more relaxed with us, and really feeling more apart of our family! He is truly my little man! Every time I change my hair or get dressed he notices it. He says ooh mommy your hair is pretty or you look pretty mommy! If I am not feeling well, he will come and rub my face and ask me if I am okay! I know that he will truly be a mommies boy, and it may just be hard for me to let him go! 
It was such a blessing that he had been raised by the same foster family, and they were truly exceptional and welcoming! 
We went to their house to spend time with him in his own setting before, having him come stay with us. 
He came to stay with us in June of 2008, and we took our first family trip to Gatlinburg! 
He spent his first birthday with us, which was his second birthday! We celebrated at home with him, Sidney, and our friend Ayden! They all have birthday’s within days apart! 
We called him and Sidney our unofficial twins! They are 3 days apart! 
On March 12, 2009 we officially adopted him! It was a great day for us as a family! A dream that had been a long time coming! He was officially apart of our family, no one could change that or say otherwise! We told Jayden that he got our blood on this day! That was the only way she could understand the process of adoption! LOL 
That summer we celebrated his 3rd birthday and it felt so different knowing that we would have several birthday’s with him and so many more to come! We know that March 12 will forever be a special day for  him and our family, and we can’t wait to throw big celebrations on his adoption day!

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