Happy Birthday to my sweet girl

I found out I was pregnant with this sweet little girl in June 2002. I was still in college and had no idea what I was going to do. I had suspected I was pregnant since I didn’t get my cycle twice. My cycle was always irregular because of the birth control I was on prior. So I decided I would go to my doctor and get a test sure it enough it came back positive. The first person I called was my closet friend from college and then I called my husband who at the time was just my boyfriend. I remember when he showed up at my house all flustered and confused. It is funny now, but at the time I didn’t find it amusing! Despite that fact that I was still in college going into my last year and we weren’t married we were excited about this arrival and the baby. We quickly and excitedly told our family our news. Although not thrilled at first, they soon became excited. This would be his parents first grandchild. Throughout my pregnancy we had some ups and downs with family members, but in the end it brought us closer. I was over do a few days and my grandmother was sick so I decided I would be induced so that I could get home to be with her. Well nature thought otherwise, I was in my evening class when I begin to feel pains in my lower belly thinking I was just cramping a little I made it through class and headed to my friends house to have my hair braided! I did want to look good while in labor! LOL So I headed to her house while there I continue to get cramps and they were getting stronger my friend insisted I head to the hospital. She drove me there and sure enough I was in labor! We called Lani and he headed over with his family.

My labor long and stressful. So stressful that I ended up getting an epidural and they had to use forceps to help me push her out. On Feb 7th at 5:50 am I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was 71bs 14oz! 
We originally named her Emani which meant faith but later changed it to Jayden which means God has heard! How fitting would that be! A few days later my grandmother passed away. Jayden became strength. I look back now and I know that it was because of her I am where I am today. I never say that she was unplanned because in God eyes she was perfectly designed and planned. God new exactly what I was going to need. He heard my prayers before I even prayed them!

She was such a sweet baby, although she was stubborn and refuse to latch on for three days. She continues to be strong willed and independent. She doesn’t do something until she is ready, but once she is ready she will excel at it!

At a young age of 7 she is the glue that holds our family together. She cares so much about every member of her family! She is a mini version of me and her father in every way! I still can’t believe it has been seven years! 

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