Hard work… Strange weather!

We have had some strange weather these past few weeks, and my poor husband is not thrilled about it the damage it has done! After waiting in line for hours at toys r us on black Friday, and then traveling another 5 miles to a different toys r us to get our kids a trampoline was just the beginning! My husband and one of our close friends then spent hours in the freezing cold putting the trampoline together. My husband spent another 2 days after our friend left working on it alone to get together! A few days later we got really bad winds up to 45 mph! These winds were so bad they blew our poor trampoline into a ditch bending the rails in half. And if that wasn’t enough to blow your hard work out the window a few days later we got a huge snow storm!! My husband couldn’t do anything but shake his head in defeat. In his optimistic way he simply ordered new parts for the trampoline and said he would get it fixed! Isn’t it funny how things work out some time! In this lesson we have learned you can see the couple as half empty or half full! We choose the half full, and have been laughing about his hard work, and our strange weather! Hopefully the kids will appreciate dad’s and uncle hard work as they enjoy their trampoline this summer!! I’m pretty sure dad will remind them every time they jump on it of all his hard work!! 

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