My son is a cheerleader

Here he is in full action my son the cheerleader! Sometimes it’s so hard for people to believe that my SON is a cheerleader and that we SUPPORT him in being one. It amazes me how narrow people mind sets are still are. We love our children no matter what, and of course every parent has dreams and hopes of what they want their children to become or who they want their children to be, but does that mean if they don’t become that you stop loving them? I sure hope not. We really enjoy going to his competitions and traveling he is really good at it, and it makes us proud. This was his recent competition in Gatlinburg, TN! Look at his toe touch in the final picture that will let you know just how amazing he is! Yes he is the tall black boy in the middle! 🙂 people show off their son’s football pictures I am showing off my son’s cheerleading pictures!!

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