No Snow for Christmas…

Although we live in the South we usually get some snow during the Holiday season, this year we didn’t have the pleasure of getting any snow near our home, but luck for us we got to experience some snow while on trip to Galtlinburg ! My kids where so excited when they woke up in the morning and looked out our hotel window to see the ground covered with snow. It was a strange experience for us, because we were staying at the indoor water park hotel so that morning we played in snow and that night we went swimming and road on water rides! How cool is that! Here are a few pictures from us playing in the snow.
My little Baby Girl so happy to be playing in the snow
                                                                                           Bossy throwing a snow ball at baby girl!
Daddy making the perfect snow balls
     CB holding all the snowballs                                                                    Bossy making a snowman
 CB crying after being hit with a snowball!                 Daddy holding his snow man mad by bossy
They Finally hit me with a big whopper! We had so much fun in the snow!

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