New Nick Names!

So we all had them! Nicknames growing up. Mine was Tany and still is to this day along with Tan that I somehow got when I went to college via a guy name Hezi, then my sorority sisters. My husbands was Jabu growing up and still is. I hate that nick name reminds me of Shaba! So I refused to call him that. My family couldn’t pronounce his name so they created J.B from the letter sounds they heard when trying to say his name! Me I call him Lani the last part of his name. I use to call him Mister when we first started dating inside joke! I tried to call him Jimmy, but he won’t let me another inside joke, so Lani and sweetie it is! Somehow most nicknames come from the shortening of your name. My children have D.j, Jay, Sid, and Brad, the girls I usually call mama and baby. My mother calls them Mook, Nemo, Memo, and Sumo! I was looking at how their personalities are starting to form and I am thinking it’s time for new nicknames! So Jay who I recently started calling mama J, because she is a mini me she is the second mother I believe bossy fits her more now she is just simply bossy! Sid who I call baby most of the time, because she is and always will be my little baby, but now she is a diva! Loves shoes, purses, make up, jewelry she loves it. So her name is now Diva! Brad who I  call teardrop because he is always crying, is slowly growing out of that, and into a rough houser. He is rough, but he is sneaky about it! Although we are still learning his personality and his nick name will probably change I am thinking Hulk! He appears to be one way, but I tell you what you turn your head and he is something else! He plays the system big time! Those tears are just a cover up. My oldest hmmm not sure yet! I recently started calling him London because I think his name should have been London! Don’t know why, it just came to me one day. So There it is, my new nick names for my children! Not sure if it’s normal to change nicknames, but hey their personalities have changed. Well, not really I guess being a mama makes you bossy, being a baby makes you into a diva, and being a crybaby makes you into a hulk! 🙂 

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