My baby is a graduate!

On Saturday March 9th, my  baby “officially” graduated from Kindergarten! It was a bitter sweet day for me. I was excited and happy for her that she got to participate in a ceremony as a homeschooler, but sad to see her grow up. I know it’s only kindergarten, but soon it will be high school and before you know it college! It was a sweet ceremony, each mother got to say something special to their child as they presented them their diploma. The children all got to perform either live or on video. I will post Jay’s performance soon. There was a small presentation that I put together for the moms, and then the reception. We ate at mimi’s as a dinner celebration after the graduation! It was a great day in the words of Jayden “This was the best graduation ever!” Here are a few of her graduation photos, done by her dad and I! Enjoy! 


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