Welcome 2009!

Wow I can’t believe it’s 2009 already, but then I say that about every year! So it’s here and I am trying to decide what exactly do I want to try and accomplish in 2009 when it comes to schooling my children. Another to do list to add to the others. So here is 9 things I want to accomplish in in 2009 according to school. 

  1. Get more organized/focus on one curriculum
  2. Have a set routine/schedule and stick to it no matter what life throws my way
  3. Redecorate our classroom
  4. Complete our chosen curriculum
  5. Get more activities for my toddlers
  6. Make t-shirts for our homeschool field trips
  7. Create an art program for our school
  8. Toddlers learn colors
  9. Number one Jayden starts to read! 

Not a very long list but I figure 2009 nine things should be good and I am more likely to complete this list in 2009! I am excited to what this year will bring in my life and pray that it will be joy, peace, and happiness! 

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