Time for assessments!

It’s that time of year again for me to see how far we have come over the last quarter. This time of the year is exciting yet stressful, because I want to see what she has mastered, but it is also nerve reckoning because I am essentially grading  myself. We grade Phonics, reading, writing, math general, and math numbers. Reading is basically blending sounds which is in abeka. Writing is cursive and print. How well she writes her letters and can she write them when I call them out. Math General is basic adding, money, shapes, which one is different etc. Numbers is counting recognizing numbers, and writing them. Here is what we scored. In phonics she remained at an excellent. Which means she can identify all the letters learned and their sounds. Reading we went from an Excellent to Satisfactory. We are now blending two to three letter words, and it she is having a small struggle with this. But she can identify the blend words for example B-A she like to say the sounds separate rather than putting them together. She is getting the hang of it though. I am a little nervous about this break, and us having to re learn everything at the beginning of the year. Writing we remained at an Excellent. She LOVES cursive and is pretty good at it! General math we went from an Needs Improvement to Satisfactory. Numbers we remained at an Excellent. So there is our Assessment for Q2! As for me I am going to have to get organized over this break, and crack down on One curriculum so that we can get through all of our letters. We are behind in that. I also want to perfect our school schedule. We did a lot of field trips in the first semester, so I need to get a set school schedule, and calendar with field trips schedule in, so that we don’t have these on the whim field trips. Overall I am happy with our first K semester of homeschooling!!! I MADE IT!! 

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