How I could forget about our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We went down to Atlanta to spend some time with my sorority family and their families. It was a great, action packed weekend. My friend celebrated her 28th birthday with a Las Vegas themed birthday party visit my  for photos from the party. Then I did a photo shoot for her which was her first photo shoot ever! Those pictures are soon to come!  So through it all we were able to discuss some things we were thankful for. Jayden list included mommy, daddy, her big brother, her t.t, her toys. My list included my wonderful, supportive husband, my children, my ability to be able to stay home and home school my children, my sanity. My husband list his family, his career, his selfless wife, his health. My son list included his room, his house, the wii, his family. So as I reflect over our thanksgiving I realized that so often we are afraid to say that we love our life and that we are truly happy in fear. I am so thankful for my life, I couldn’t have planned it any better! I am truly blessed. I thank God that this was his plan for me, despite what others may think or feel, despite those times I feel weak and out of control. I know that there is a rainbow after the rain! So I thank God for thanksgiving as it that one time a year when we really take the time to reflect on our lives and see just how blessed we really are. Let us give thanks. 

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