Tot School

So we are our 2nd day into tot school! Don’t know yet? LOL I will say it’s great having a schedule to follow with them. Yesterday we played with play doh. I know that doesn’t seem like anything new. Well it was, because we played with a purpose. I gave them scissor to cut up the play doh with. A bread roller to roll the play doh, and several different shape makers to make different shapes. That kept them busy, Sid still continues to eat the play doh, but it worked. Today we had cut up paper. Simple I gave them scissor and paper, and they cut their hearts away. Sidney is a pro a scissor Bradly is still working on it, but he enjoy poking holes into the paper! 🙂 The rest of our week is as follow:

Wednesday- Bucket with water, and measuring cups
Thursday- Sand in a box
Friday- Stack or cups and containers of different sizes! 
I will post some pictures of my tots at school soon! 

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