Back to it!

The end of our Fall break has come to an end and it is time to hit the books again! It’s a little bitter sweet as I have been enjoying just spending time with Jay and the babies and not worrying about “learning” like I have to do with school. During school I am a teacher, I want my daughter to learn so I become more than a mother during “school”. I must say I am very excited about tot school and seeing how the babies will do with all our fun filled activities. I am also very excited about My Fathers World and adding this onto our curriculum list. So there are some great things I am looking for to. 

1 thought on “Back to it!”

  1. I've been taking a lot of time off from school too. Mostly to rest from our trip and to clean clean clean. Now that all of that is almost done, we are ready to return to our regularly scheduled learning! Hope your first week back goes well.

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