Tot school

So I was visiting a blog lovesschool that I visit often, I am more like a spy as I read but do not comment. She inspires me. Anyway I was reading her tot spot blog for the week, and I thought this is what I need. I need to start tot school in my house hold with the smaller ones. So as you know we are on our fall break. My goal for the week will be to pull together some activities for the babies to do for tot school! I’m thinking Jay can assist me in this as a student teacher. So I must first come up with a list of goals for them. That will be my first goal of action. I will return with the results! I am inspired and motivated! 

1 thought on “Tot school”

  1. Aw! Such sweet words! Now, come out of hiding. LOL! Thanks for visiting my bloggy. Your little ones are adorable.

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