Quarterly Assessment!

Today was the end of our first quarter. I broke our calendar up into 4 quarters 45 days each for a total of 180 days! At first I thought I would not do assessments, but then I decided how else will I know how I am doing as a teacher! So I don’t give her test, but at the end of each 45 days I will assessed her on what she has accomplished. So today we played a game were she got to feed her dog or rabbit, which is an Abeka game, every time she answered a question right. She had no idea that I was “assessing” her. I must say I was very proud! I feel good today. I was worried has she learned anything, am I doing this right, all those worries you have has a parent. Because even though we homeschool we still want our children to learn and be successful. The thing about homeschooling is if your child doesn’t know you can’t point fingers at the school or the teacher, because you are the teacher. So if they don’t know you better check yourself! My husband is our principal and he will sit in our class on some days, and observe as he likes to call it! So we try to take some things from traditional school! LOL So here is how she did. 

phonics-E (sounds/recognition)
Writing-E (cursive)
Reading-E which is site words
Numbers-S (recognize, write, number family, money, shapes)
Calendar-N (yesterday, today, tomorrow, what month we are in)
Overall she did really good! I was pleased so we will take a break now. My goal is to give her and myself a break in between our 45 days. So we will now have our fall break! 

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