What do you do with the babies?

This is a challenge I had been facing since the first day of school. I originally thought the babies would just play in the play room while we had school, but that wasn’t the case. So I bought blocks for them to play with during school time, they quickly grew tired of that. Then I put on Barney and that bought us a good 30 minutes, however I didn’t feel totally comfortable with that idea. So after weeks of trying we have finally came up with a solution. I went out and bought the babies their own desk. I bought play doh which my husband was against and puzzles. They now have special activities just like Jay. So we start the morning out together singing our morning songs and reciting our motto from CM. Then the babies work on their puzzles which Sid has mastered! Then they get to play with the play doh which keeps them occupied for a good 30 minutes. If I need more time, I will allow them to watch that 30 minutes of Barney! It has worked out GREAT. I am so happy with our schedule. I believe even though they are only two it allows them to have some down time as well and learn at an early age how to sit steal for a few minutes at a time and work on a project. Hold their attention span. I feel as though they are learning a very important life lesson by having this structure in their lives. So maybe by the time we start school with them they will already be use to sitting and doing work for a few hours! 

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