Hug your babies and pray for this family

As I caught up on some homeschool blogs I frequent, I came across some tragic news. A fellow homeschool mom marsha lost her 3 year old son on Wednesday Aug 27th. I am so sad for this family. As so many people have said in their blogs they can’t imagine and words cannot explain how they feel I too feel this way. My babies are least to say my world. I can’t imagine life without them. Now I know that life goes on and we somehow pick up the pieces and God never gives us more than we can bare, but my dear God. I weep for this family and I pray for them. I pray that God gives them comfort and understanding in during this time in their life. It is my understanding that the funeral was this past weekend. I know that this baby is in heaven with all the angels rejoicing and his mother now has her very own guardian angel! I pray that she feels his presence with her forever and always. I ask that you pray for this family and visit their blog to learn more about this precious little boy. 

1 thought on “Hug your babies and pray for this family”

  1. Oh my. I will pray for this family, of course. It was good to meet you today. Thanks for the homebirth info! It's good to find references.xxoo Mandy

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