First homeschool outing!

We had such a great time today at our first outing of the year with other home schoolers! My heart melted when we pulled up to the park and my husband read the sign saying Rutherford county home schoolers picnic. My daughter shoots hey  I go to homeschool that’s me!! She was so excited to be a home schooler at that moment. She made so many friends today that she just can’t stop talking about. We went to a birthday party later that day, and I must say I had a lot more confidence as I stated she was home schooled when other parents asked what school she attended. To meet all those moms and dads who were so strong, so proud, so educated, so convicted in their decision. Whose children were very SOCIAL and SMART. The double S made me feel so good! I am a tiny marble in the sea of home schooling. I had moms say I don’t have the patience for that or my child would never listen to me her teacher word is LAW. I thought to myself the women I met today were such an inspiration to me. My husband was inspired to meet other husbands that were supportive of their wives decisions to home shoool. Today was really a great day for us! The picnic was perfect! I am so happy to be a teacher at FAST. 

1 thought on “First homeschool outing!”

  1. I hate that i missed the picnic, Tanyell but so glad you made it! That fellowship with other homeschoolers is so sweet. I can see it really helped you and your family. Maybe i will be at the next outing. Look forward to meeting you soon! Happy homeschooling,charis

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