Marriage Challenge Week 4…. Workout Together

There is something passionate, sexy, and exciting about working out with your partner. It challenges you to push yourself, trust your partner, and lean on them. This weeks challenge is all about getting fit and healthier with your partner! Good Luck and Keep it spicy!!


We are back

So after last week, I was a little worried that my dd was loosing focus, but I now know she was suffering from what most people suffer from, a long weekend! You never want to return to your work week after a wonderful long weekend. Today was a good day for us we actually finished our work in about an hour and a half. She was flying through her work. Mostly because she wanted to go swimming! When you have a reward for good work, the work is GREAT! I am loving Abeka. It’s a lot of preparation, but it is worth it. I like the structure of it, and it is so exciting to see her write in cursive. She is so excited about writing in cursive. I still am looking for something more hands on and fun, something for science. I am still trying to find my babies routine during school. They have quickly lost interest in their “special” toys during school time, but today they actually played together in the play room, so that was a blessing. I was very pleased with our day, and how productive we were. I was happy to reward everyone with a swim at the pool! They enjoyed it.