curriculum junky

Hi my name is Tanyell and I am a curriculum junky! I must confess I am truly addicted to curriculums. I am forever finding something new and exciting that I want to try. We recently added my fathers world to our line up and here I was online last night looking for a music curriculum so my hubby can begin teaching our daughter how to play the keyboard. He is a natural born musician and can play anything by ear, this is the one trait I really want our children to have as I am not musically inclined at all. So why looking for a music lesson, I decided to look for an art curriculum AND a pre school curriculum. As I posted in an earlier post, I really need to get in gear with my babies. We were doing really good following a list I found online, but I quickly got bored with that as I am addicted to curriculum. I don’t think it’s the curriculum as much as is the organization and structure. I like things to be in order and structured. This is the only way I feel like I am accomplishing things. It would be very hard for me to be an unschooler. So here it is we use 4 different curriculums for 2 subject math and phonics! I know. I thank God for my husband who continues to support my addiction. But now I must stop. I realized the other day as we begin to close in on our first semester that there is no way we are going to finish ALL 4 of these. So here comes the hard question which one will I put on the back burner and save for a summer review?