one more reason Why I homeschool

Sadly another student has died while attending the one place in the world that is “suppose” be safe school! This really hit me hard because it happen so close to home in Knoxville, TN they believe it was over money but not exactly sure. The student was 16 years old. 16! As I read these kind of articles I thank God, I thank God for my husband, for my patience, for my family, to be able to homeschool my daughter and protect her while I can. I understand that everyone can’t homeschool their children, and that is why I consider myself blessed. School is not what is was 10 years ago when I graduated from high school. As I celebrate my 10 year reunion children are dying in high school over petty things. This wasn’t a random act. Your child goes to school to learn someone else’s child comes to school to settle a debt. I am so sad about this situation.