Cheersport in ATL

We were back in atlanta again for another year of cheersport! It was great the Kids did awesome! Especially the little ones this was their first year at cheersport. I was so proud her! So after a hard days work of cheering and competing we decided to go to the Circus! What a way to celebrate. They loved it, I think they like all people were more amazed by the elephants and the tigers. Me personally it amazes me to see what the acrobats can do! I mean to see the strength and talent that they have is absolutely amazing to me. So I guess as they say there is something for kids of all ages at the circus! On a side note, did you know that elephants never forget, and they are the only other species other than humans tomourn their dead. Yep they are truly beautiful and amazing animals! We had to have a little education thrown in their, one of the beauties of homeschooling! Overall it was a great fun filled weekend! 
Showing off her scorpian

Daddy is her biggest fan! 

Me and my baby girl

Even daddy was amazed 

The wonderful and majestic elephant