My baby is a graduate!

On Saturday March 9th, my  baby “officially” graduated from Kindergarten! It was a bitter sweet day for me. I was excited and happy for her that she got to participate in a ceremony as a homeschooler, but sad to see her grow up. I know it’s only kindergarten, but soon it will be high school and before you know it college! It was a sweet ceremony, each mother got to say something special to their child as they presented them their diploma. The children all got to perform either live or on video. I will post Jay’s performance soon. There was a small presentation that I put together for the moms, and then the reception. We ate at mimi’s as a dinner celebration after the graduation! It was a great day in the words of Jayden “This was the best graduation ever!” Here are a few of her graduation photos, done by her dad and I! Enjoy! 



Graduation Time

It’s graduation season! I can’t believe it’s that time of the year already. I got the pleasure to shoot these little Kindergarden graduates! They are so sweet and innocent which is why I love child photography. Here is a glimpse at the handsome young man, I photographed in studio. Enjoy. 


our inauguration experience!!

We made it to the inauguration and we made it home!! I must say it was a great experience to be there and witness history. To be around so many people and so many different races was moving. I mean we were literally on top of each other and yet no one complained. Everyone seemed to stay happy and really enjoy the moment! It was FREEEEZING! But once you got in the crowd it felt like 98 degrees! That’s how many people were around us. My oldest son really enjoyed it. Of course Jayden didn’t grasp the entire concept, but one day she will, and I am sure she will be happy to talk about her experience in witnessing history. Here are a few of our pictures from the trip. Enjoy

This is at the concert. This was an hour before the concert started so you can imagine what it looked like an hour later! The firefighters were nice enough to take this shot for me! 

This was in the subway on the day of the inauguration going up the escalator! This is how many people that got off the train the same time we did! Can you believe this crowd? Of course the escalators were not running.

This was the view behind me of people waiting to get on the escalator! WOW! 
Lani and Dj all bundled up on the day of inauguration. 
This is why we homeschool!! I couldn’t resist getting a shot of this. 
Me and Dj on our first day there! 
Jayden and my Sorority sister (who was so gracious to let us stay with her and her hubby) on the subway to the concert. Jayden fell asleep midway through the concert. Which was a good thing because there was no room for her to jump around an play. We were tight! So it was good her and the babies slept! 

Overall we really did have a great time!! I am so glad that we decided to go, and allow the kids to be apart of this moment. This was a great learning experience for them, and if nothing else Jayden was thrilled to ride the subway! She is a city girl in her spirit! I hope to post more pictures soon.