Our NEW school shirt!

As you all know, one of things on my to do list this year for school was create a school shirt! Well we attempted that and even though we had fun as a family it wasn’t quite the “look” I was going for as an “official” school shirt. So I reached out to my dear friend Carla, and Creations by 


We have a new student! (homeschool)

After praying and meditating for several months, we have decided to pull my son out of public school and homeschool him. I was initially terrified at the idea of homeschooling my high school son, but then one day I received a sense of peace. I have graduated from high school and college, so what’s to be afraid of? I know that this is the best thing for him, it hurt me  to separate him from his friends, but as a parent it is my job to do what is best for him. He’s not suppose to like every decision I make, but in due time he will understand and my prayer appreciate the decisions I made! His “friends” were eating him alive, not mention, he was on his way to high school reading on a 6th or 7th grade level. I thought enough is enough. I have got to take charge, and correct this problem. I can’t rewrite history, but I can write the future. What makes my kindergarden daughter any different from my 8th grade son? I am happy to have him home, and I am looking forward to this venture in life! I believe that this is going to be a great experience for us as a family. I feel as though we will grow closer in this process, and that our son will truly gain a genuine  and authentic relationship with us. So I am proud to announce our new student at  D.J


Our week of MFW (homeschooling)

I am a little behind on my postings,  but that’s okay! We focused on MFW the week before last, and due to a short week last week we did unleash the code and practiced our cursive. This week will be back in Abeka! So here are our photos from our week of MFW. MFW is very hands on, and focus on one thing per week. This week we did apples! It was a fun week. 

My son was even excited to make apples sauce which was one of the projects in MFW. So here they are cooking there apples sauce all by themselves. 
D.j was responsible for peeling the apples and Jayden was responsible for cutting the apples up. Yep she was using a knife at 5! Don’t freak out though  I was right there monitoring! 🙂
Here she is cutting up one of daddy magazines looking for fruit! For some reason this is one of her favorite things to do. 

Here is her cursive. It’s a little blurry, but I am so proud of her and how well she writes in cursive. You can really see the last column! 
There she is writing. She LOVES cursive!!! 


So today was Jay first day at her new “school” She started a tutorial for homeschool kids at a place called shepherd’s heart. I figured this would give her a chance to have the feel of a classroom setting, meet some great people, and get a breather from mommy! This would also give me a day off from teaching and be able to spend some one on one time with the babies. It’s once a week on Monday’s. I must say I was very sad when I left her today. It’s so funny how we scream that we need a break and then the moment we go to drop them somewhere we are sad, and don’t want to leave them. She was a little nervous starting today and wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay, but I encouraged her to stay and it would be okay. She is getting to the age where she is realizing color and sometimes it’s concerns her when she is the only “brown” person somewhere. I explained to her that that was okay to be the first one, and only one and that she would make so many friends and she was special because she was the first brown person somewhere or only. That this could be a good thing, and not a bad thing. So that made her feel good. I can’t wait to hear how her day went today. This will give us a chance to have something to talk about outside of our homeschool. Daddy will usually ask her how day was at school, but now I can ask to and she can be excited to tell me about her day! So the babies are taking their nap and I am relaxing! Me and Jay usually use nap time to have our girl time, but we can do that Tuesday through Friday. Monday nap time will be mommies time! 


My fathers world

we have finally purchased my fathers world, thanks to a friend of ours! We eagerly jumped right into this week and started learning about the sun! This is Jay doing her blindfold portion. We talked about how the Sun helps us to see. She was so excited and did this exercise 3 times!

Here she is happily painting her sun picture, which I need to take a picture of the final product it’s so cute! We love MFW I have no complaints at this time. 


Tot School

So we are our 2nd day into tot school! Don’t know yet? LOL I will say it’s great having a schedule to follow with them. Yesterday we played with play doh. I know that doesn’t seem like anything new. Well it was, because we played with a purpose. I gave them scissor to cut up the play doh with. A bread roller to roll the play doh, and several different shape makers to make different shapes. That kept them busy, Sid still continues to eat the play doh, but it worked. Today we had cut up paper. Simple I gave them scissor and paper, and they cut their hearts away. Sidney is a pro a scissor Bradly is still working on it, but he enjoy poking holes into the paper! 🙂 The rest of our week is as follow:

Wednesday- Bucket with water, and measuring cups
Thursday- Sand in a box
Friday- Stack or cups and containers of different sizes! 
I will post some pictures of my tots at school soon! 

Back to it!

The end of our Fall break has come to an end and it is time to hit the books again! It’s a little bitter sweet as I have been enjoying just spending time with Jay and the babies and not worrying about “learning” like I have to do with school. During school I am a teacher, I want my daughter to learn so I become more than a mother during “school”. I must say I am very excited about tot school and seeing how the babies will do with all our fun filled activities. I am also very excited about My Fathers World and adding this onto our curriculum list. So there are some great things I am looking for to. 


Tot school

So I was visiting a blog lovesschool that I visit often, I am more like a spy as I read but do not comment. She inspires me. Anyway I was reading her tot spot blog for the week, and I thought this is what I need. I need to start tot school in my house hold with the smaller ones. So as you know we are on our fall break. My goal for the week will be to pull together some activities for the babies to do for tot school! I’m thinking Jay can assist me in this as a student teacher. So I must first come up with a list of goals for them. That will be my first goal of action. I will return with the results! I am inspired and motivated! 


Quarterly Assessment!

Today was the end of our first quarter. I broke our calendar up into 4 quarters 45 days each for a total of 180 days! At first I thought I would not do assessments, but then I decided how else will I know how I am doing as a teacher! So I don’t give her test, but at the end of each 45 days I will assessed her on what she has accomplished. So today we played a game were she got to feed her dog or rabbit, which is an Abeka game, every time she answered a question right. She had no idea that I was “assessing” her. I must say I was very proud! I feel good today. I was worried has she learned anything, am I doing this right, all those worries you have has a parent. Because even though we homeschool we still want our children to learn and be successful. The thing about homeschooling is if your child doesn’t know you can’t point fingers at the school or the teacher, because you are the teacher. So if they don’t know you better check yourself! My husband is our principal and he will sit in our class on some days, and observe as he likes to call it! So we try to take some things from traditional school! LOL So here is how she did. 

phonics-E (sounds/recognition)
Writing-E (cursive)
Reading-E which is site words
Numbers-S (recognize, write, number family, money, shapes)
Calendar-N (yesterday, today, tomorrow, what month we are in)
Overall she did really good! I was pleased so we will take a break now. My goal is to give her and myself a break in between our 45 days. So we will now have our fall break! 

Keep the spark alive

This is a troubling area for me. I am trying to so hard to keep Jays love for learning going without becoming an unschooler. Not that there is anything wrong with unschooling infact, when I homeschooled my son this was my approach because he had been so programmed. All she really wants to do is play all day she doesn’t want to go to dance class anymore because she rather play. “LIGHTBULB” maybe for christmas I can buy all learning toys, life skills toys, toys that we can actually play school with, and she is learning! HMMMM we shall see.