Bye Bye Christmas…

Christmas has been and continues to be one of my favorite Holiday’s! I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood about Christmas and I try hard to carry these memories over to my children. On Christmas eve we always prepared the food, so that is what we did this year! I loved picking greens as a child so here my girls are carrying on that tradition of picking greens! Only they had to take it a step further and pretend to cook there own greens! I have started a new tradition of opening up one gift on Christmas eve and that gift is always a brand new pair of p.j’s! My kids love this even my older son! Once the children are put to sleep the grown ups get to hang out and have some grown up fun while getting all the gifts ready for the children. When I was little, the grown ups use to say they were waiting on Santa, well because I don’t really do Santa we don’t do this tradition. As a kid I remember my uncle getting on the roof and stomping while my other uncle yelled ho ho ho. My mom and grandmother would run in my room and wake me up at like 3 in the morning so I could get a glimpse of “santa” Yes they took Santa very seriously! I loved these memories. I tried to wake my children up one morning at 3 and they were super grouchy!! LOL soooo We let them sleep until about 7 or 8!! Although I have tweaked the family traditions, I still feel that it is so important to make family memories!


  The girls picking greens! 

Little Sid preparing her greens! 

The kids at Opry land viewing the lights
Opening up their christmas eve gift! 

Christmas Eve Pictures

One of our traditions on Christmas eve is to open one present from other tree and our stockings. My kids know that the one present is a new pair of pajamas! But they love it, it’s their very special Christmas pajamas which they usually stay in all day on Christmas. So here are a few pictures from their Christmas pajamas this year.