Marriage Challenge Week 4…. Workout Together

There is something passionate, sexy, and exciting about working out with your partner. It challenges you to push yourself, trust your partner, and lean on them. This weeks challenge is all about getting fit and healthier with your partner! Good Luck and Keep it spicy!!

Keeping the Spice Alive, Marriage Challenge Week 3!

Trying to maintain a family, yourself, and a marriage can sometimes be overwhelming, and you may find yourself allowing one of these things to be neglected. What I have found, is the thing that typically gets neglected is the marriage. It is so important that we take the time to keep our marriage exciting, youthful, and spicy!

Good Luck this week, and share your experiences!

Marriage Challenge Week 1

Are you ready to spice up your marriage and get things burning again? So often I hear couples say we are growing  or have grown apart.  My first question to them is do you guys talk? They usually respond, well yea, when we are not running around like crazy people! My next question is what do you talk about? It is amazing, how easily as a married couple we can get caught up in the routines of life and not even realize it. In this weeks series of  Marriage Challenges, I challenge you and your spouse to spend 15 min talking….. but the key to this is you CANNOT discuss your kids, finances, or work!! GASP….. Well what shall we talk about then Tanyell??? I don’t know that is for you to decide. What you will discover is that there are things about your significant other that may have changed over the years, they have grown and have different interest now. But we find ourselves so boggled down with day to day life that we don’t ask these type of questions anymore. Think about this, what did you talk about before kids, before you accumulated finances together, before you got married?

I challenge you to spend this entire week sitting down with your spouse and spending just 15 minutes getting to know them again. It’s only 15 min people!! Try to make this challenge meaningful turn off the t.v for those 15 min and really spend some quality time with each other. Really listening and conversing, who knows, you may look up and a whole hour has went by! Let me know how you did on this Challenge what was the hardest part? Was it easy for you? What did you guys talk about? I really want to hear your before and after!!

~Good Luck and Keep it Spicy!