Baby is 4 and still a baby!

Baby turned 4! My amazing precious sweet baby girl is 4 years old. WOW! When I look at her, I still see my precious little baby that was born at home! I must say she had to be one of the easiest and best pregnancy, labor, and deliveries I ever had. Me and Lani often say she is our love child! She was the first one to be born after we were officially married, so you can imagine the love she was made out of! 🙂 It shows with her, because she is so full of love. Many nights she will come climb in our bed and she wraps her tiny arms around me and says I love you mommy. It is those moments that I feel so warm inside. Baby is not only a proud and happy baby, but she is a Diva in all the word! She loves make up, shoes, clothes, and all things girl. On her birthday as she finished getting dressed she proudly stated “I look fabulous” She then told her big sister that she needed to get dress so she could look fabulous! We will say to her are you a big girl or a baby, and she says proudly “I am a baby” I often wonder how long she will  carry that title proudly. She is a free spirit and natured child. She loves to do her own thing in her own time. She didn’t utter a single word until she was 2 years old! When she did finally decided to speak, she spoke in complete sentences! Her daddy use to think she was going to be gothic, because the child wouldn’t crack a single smile as a baby. Now she is full of all smiles and giggles. She loves to sing, dance, and cheer! It took me forever to potty train her! She refused to use the potty! At 3 she wouldn’t stop using the bathroom herself, and finally she told me, “I am a baby I need to wear a pull up.” I couldn’t believe it, but I put her in a pull up for a full day and didn’t she didn’t potty on herself one time! LOL I finally had to say Diva’s don’t potty on themselves! She LOVES shoes and can spend hours in a shoe store shopping for shoes. It amazes me how much she loves shoes. But just because she is a lady doesn’t mean she doesn’t stand her ground. At the age of 4 she is her own person and she is not going to sway in who she is. She is a fighter and will stand up for herself, as she does all the time with her brother Big Baby! She loves school and couldn’t wait until she officially started school with us! Now everyday she says is it time to do school yet? She will sit and do her school work for hours. 
Baby is my rainbow! She is beautiful, full of color, light, and most of all she brings me hope, joy, and faith. When I see her I know everything is going to be all right no matter the storm that may be going on!  She is my angel and as Jamie fox says Heaven will never be the same! 
She is a little lady
Enjoying lunch
We went to eat Mexican she was so embarrassed, yet happy as they sang happy birthday to her!  



Big Baby is 4!

Big Baby turned 4!! I can’t believe it, time flies. It took me some time to learn his personality, but now I know him like the back of my hand! He is a little man, and definitely a mamma’s boy! When I say he is a little man I mean just that, he knows all the qualities of a great man at the young age 4. He loves to help he will carry grocery’s in for me and his favorite saying is “look at me mommy I’m strong” He opens the doors for girls, although he has no choice because his Diva sister says girls first to him all the time! He protects his sisters with all his heart. If his sisters are hurt he is running to their aide! And boy do I love all his compliments!! He is the first one to notice if you changed your hair, have on a new outfit or anything he says. Mommy you look beautiful or Sidney I love your hair!! Big baby is all the things a mother expects in her son! He is all boy rough and tough, well except for when he is crying! 🙂 But hey there isn’t anything wrong with a man with a little sensitivity according to Ralph! LOL

 He loves his daddy and brings out a side in him I have never seen. He forces his daddy to be a hugger, because he hugs him all the time especially these last few months! He says, “daddy I love you!” He is an awesome soccer player, but I have a feeling he is going to be even better at football or basketball! He loves to get dress! He has to be the only 4 year old I know that can go in his closet and pick out an outfit that matches! One day we tested him and made him change clothes like three times every time his outfits matched! He takes pride in how he looks! He LOVES spider man! It took us a long time to figure that out, but boy does he love spider man! Big baby is my big baby, and my gift from heaven sent to me in a special little package! He is my calm in the storm. It’s amazing how children can be exactly what you need when you least expect it! I am so grateful that God led us to him, and that he is a part of our family! I look forward to all the wonderful years ahead of us! 

He is becoming a little man!

Riding the horse at chuck e cheese

Big Baby and chuck E on his 4th birthday
Cutting his birthday cake
Big Baby and his Sisters! They will always be his guardian Angels!