Keeping the Spice Alive, Marriage Challenge Week 3!

Trying to maintain a family, yourself, and a marriage can sometimes be overwhelming, and you may find yourself allowing one of these things to be neglected. What I have found, is the thing that typically gets neglected is the marriage. It is so important that we take the time to keep our marriage exciting, youthful, and spicy!

Good Luck this week, and share your experiences!

Jamaica me crazy

Our family trip this year consisted of us traveling internationally and going to Jamaica!! It was an awesome trip. We spent 5 days there and had an absolute blast. Although 3 of my kids have been on airplanes before they were babies and had no memory of it, so it was practically like there first time flying which made the experience even better! They were all waiting patiently for our airplane to arrive a the terminal! 
We had shirts made by creations by carla to celebrate our arrival to Jamaica each person had their nickname on the back of the shirt! It was a great gift for the kids the morning we were leaving for Jamaica. 
When we arrived the pure joy and excitement on their face to see the Caribbean Sea was truly amazing! They were amazed at how clear the water was! 

By babies enjoying the beach
what would any trip be like without “schooling” Bossy always has to express her artistic side! 
More of her artistic expression
The boys
Line Sisters

Sharing this trip with my line sisters and their families made it even better!

It’s these little things that I love about being a mom! These are the things that really matter most, and the things that our children will cherish most! 

Guess Who is 2……

His Homemade birthday Cake! Made from Love

Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby boy!! From the day he was born he has been something special! His birth was by no means ordinary. He was born at home after one hour of labor! I gave birth to him while standing, because he was coming sooo fast! He has kept me on my toes these past two years as he is ALWAYS into something. I like to say he is a Major boy and at times a Major Pain! I love him more than words could ever express, I can’t believe he is already 2!

When I say he is ALWAYS into something he is always into something….These are just a few of his chronicles over the years

 I am looking forward to many more years of fun and craziness with this little Guy!! 

Double Digits

It’s hard to believe my little girl is TEN years old! It seems like just the other day she was in my belly and being born into this world! I have had so much joy and excitement watching her grow these past ten years and all the new adventures she has had in her life. I am looking forward to the future and the next ten years! 

Teaching Politics

With President Obama’s inauguration coming up, I thought I would do a flashback post on the elections! Of course this year in school we discussed government and the election process. It was a hot topic in our house, and my kids loved learning all about it. Because we had to do absentee ballots this year, I decided I would do a little mock voting station for my kiddos. They were so excited to vote! I love the fact that I can instill things like voting and understanding politics within them at such an early age. It is even more rewarding to see them enjoy learning and getting excited about know they will one day have the right to vote!

 I had them wait in line just like they would if they were REALLY voting! I made them wait five minutes before being allowed to vote this was a great way to teach patience!

Baby holding her voting registration card. Prior to voting we talked about the steps to being able to vote and how it is important to register to vote. At the end of the lesson they made voter registration cards! 

 You can imagine how excited they were when they finally got to enter the voters booth. We used the cards shown above as the ballots.

Bossy was excited that she was next in line! She was starting to get anxious. She had been waiting 10 minutes already!

This is her after casting her vote. They got their I voted stickers which I printed from the internet. 

 Here is BB casting his vote he was concentrating hard on making sure he marked the right candidates and party!

We all watched the election results so they could see if their candidate won! It was a great experience for my kids and they really did learn a lot. I can even say that I learned a lot about our government and the voting system through this process. Another great thing about homeschooling, I am always learning!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I have been absent for a year and a half and my oh my has a lot happened in the past year! I don’t even know where to begin. Well for starters we moved to a different city 3 hours away from our last location. We had another baby!! Yep that’s correct another baby. A baby girl joined our family this past year. I will post her birth story on another day. I graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family therapy and we bought a new house. SOO it has been a very busy year for our family. So much that I couldn’t keep up with all that was going on. Between us traveling back and forth to visit my hubby and me trying to finish school all while been pregnant and trying to sell/rent our other house it was a whirlwind. But things have finally begin to slow down for us and I am beginning to settle in and find some since of normalcy in my life. One of things that I wanted to begin doing again was blogging. We printed our first blog book and LOVED it. What I found is that blogging has become a great way to track our family madness! So I hope to stay on track and keep the blogging going! I am looking forward to another exciting and whirlwind New Year. Like they say you never know what can happen in a year!

Trip to Destin

This spring we took a trip to Destin, and it was wonderful! It was our first time going to Destin, it was beautiful and very, very family friendly! The kids loved every moment of it. I was worried that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate with us since we went in early April, but it was perfect weather. It wasn’t to hot or to cold. So we were able to sit on the beach and not burn up, but also able to enjoy the ocean water. With a family of seven you can’t fly anywhere, so we drove down. It wasn’t a bad drive. Anytime we can drive somewhere enjoy the drive, and then enjoy the vacation it is a wonderful experience! I am looking forward to our next trip to Destin!! 
The kids were super excited this, our first stop on the way down. 

I have no idea how the sand ended up there! 

Enjoying his first time on the beach! 

The kids got to do these hamster balls, which was really cool. They are Giant balls that you get inside of and run on water or at least attempt to run on water!

Super Science (Robots)

We are soooo going to miss doing science! We had our last science class and it was by far one of the coolest!! They learned all about robots and even got to make their own really cool robot. They learned what it takes to make, operate, and control a robot. So to make their own robots they used toothbrushes, watch battery, and a simple motor! This robot was called a “cleaning robot” Although it can’t really clean anything, how I wish it could. :0 The kids were super excited to make the robots.

So this was their little robot, and it was so cool to watch this toothbrush head move all over the place like it had a brain of it’s own. They made some cute little mazes to put the robots in, and these things could actually go through the maze. The maze was made out of straws, tape, and a box top. Very simple objects created little complex things. We had a great year in science this year and we are all looking forward to next year! In fact science may be the only thing my kids are looking forward to! 

Here are our robots in action

To homeschool or Not to homeschool

So as this year slowly comes to an end, I have debating on if I will continue our homeschool journey next year. Honestly this year was a huge struggle, and not so much because of the pregnancy or the baby. I think that Jay got burned out a little. Which I know if she was in “school” she would probably be feeling the same way if not worst. And truth be told we had this same issue when we did Abeka in Kindergarten which is why we switched curriculums for 1st grade. I went back to abeka for second because I feel that is the best reading program on teaching how to read, and she really needed to improve her reading skills. The transformation was worth the stress her reading level has improved x2. But because I was so stressed on getting her reading up to grade level we didn’t do a lot of fun projects, and me being pregnant didn’t help matters. I really felt unorganized and out of it this year. So I have been debating what am I going to do next year, am I burned out, will I really be able to handle having a kindergartener and a 3rd grader? To be honest sometimes the one thing you love can take a toll on you. There is a such thing of to much of a good thing. I am with my children 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but sometimes I need a day off. So this too has been wearing on my spirit. I am trying to pray and meditate about it, but I am still on the fence on what I am going to do. So as this year comes to end our next school year is a too be continued to……

Super Science (Liquids)

Super science is still in effect, and the kids are still loving it! They learned about liquids and and gas at science. The got see how different liquids can stack on top each of other and make layers. Then they got to make liquid gas. Which they loved! They were so worried about the bottle exploding Bossy made sure they she unscrewed her cap every 10 seconds, while baby and big baby watched. This is the highlight to homeschooling seeing them get so excited about something like science! It’s amazing…