What is this all about


What exactly is life beyond the walls?

Life beyond the walls is about breaking free from whatever is holding you back from reaching your full potential of happiness, success, and satisfaction.

When you feel the walls closing in on you, yet you can see your dreams, hopes, and desires right in front you, you have to move beyond the walls.

This means staying true to who you are, true to your dreams, true to your goals, true to your happiness.

You have to become a SNOB™!!

I have redesigned the word S.N.O.B it’s no longer a derogatory term, instead, being a snob means being Strong, Nontraditional, Organic, and Bold.

My goal is to assist you in learning ways to achieve this. I will work with you to understand what your full potential is and how you can reach that without losing who you are. I provide counseling, coaching, workshops, seminars, and groups! Throughout this blog, you will find free tips and tidbits on how to begin to break down your walls and become a SNOB™! Sign up to receive free newsletters to stay in the know and get exclusives offers and details.

Looking for a place to start diving in?

head over to my Blog section or check out some of these great wall breaking topics How to Stop waiting and Start living, Are you a Chronic Complainer, Stop Compromising yourself, Marriage Challenge week 1

5 thoughts on “What is this all about

    • Thank you Kurt! I finally uploaded Part 4! My first time taping it my camera died and I had no idea. Then of course life happened, but it is ready now! Thank you for watching!

  1. Hello I just wanted to say thank you I have been looking for along time for a mother of a big family that looks like me to kinda just see . I am a mother of six right now with plans of our family continuing to grow . Thank you for your continue encouraging post and videos

    • Thank you Lauren! Big families rock! If you have any questions or would like to see any videos or post. Please let me know! Thanks for watching and reading. Congratulations on your six and good luck on growing your family!!

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