Super Science (Robots)

We are soooo going to miss doing science! We had our last science class and it was by far one of the coolest!! They learned all about robots and even got to make their own really cool robot. They learned what it takes to make, operate, and control a robot. So to make their own robots they used toothbrushes, watch battery, and a simple motor! This robot was called a “cleaning robot” Although it can’t really clean anything, how I wish it could. :0 The kids were super excited to make the robots.

So this was their little robot, and it was so cool to watch this toothbrush head move all over the place like it had a brain of it’s own. They made some cute little mazes to put the robots in, and these things could actually go through the maze. The maze was made out of straws, tape, and a box top. Very simple objects created little complex things. We had a great year in science this year and we are all looking forward to next year! In fact science may be the only thing my kids are looking forward to! 

Here are our robots in action

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